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  • Final version of ‘Little -ME- Demo’ released
    We are pleased to announce that ‘Little -ME-Demo’, our last tidbit presented in ‘Party’ version at Silly Venture 2021 in December the 11th is now available in ‘Final’ version. We hope you’ll like it. You can grab it here: And view it here: Youtube Thanks to Evil/DHS for the quality video as usual.
  • Little -ME- Demo (Party version) released at Silly Venture 2021
    Yo ST freaks! We’ve released the ‘party version’ of ‘Little -ME- Demo’, our contribution to Silly Venture 2021, this Saturday in Gdansk/Poland. This is a tribute to Udo -ME- Fisher, a pioneer of the Atari ST demoscene, who passed away 5 years ago. Unfortunately, it was the only demo in the Atari ST demo compo.
  • Overlanders at Silly Venture 2021
    Hey boys & girls, OVR shall be present this winter at Silly Venture 2021 that will be held in Gdansk from dec. 9th to dec. 12th. At least, RATI, Janek and Mr Bee will be attending. Silly Venture is the party that aims at uniting all the Atari scenes at once. Isn’t that great ?
  • HRDB v0.004 out for testing
    Tat/Avena has just released a new beta version of HRDB, its graphic debugger for the Hatari emulator. A must have in your dev toolchain. It introduces a Harware view to inspect register state. Note that the design is not final. But it represents a really great addition to an already very efficient and reliable debugger.
  • FirST Love’s making-of – Part 1
    As promised, we’ve started to write the making-of of our latest production. It starts with the point of view from the coders. It will continue with Jess’s and Mic”s point of views as soon as they have written their parts. We hope you’ll find some interest in reading those lines. Cheers everyone.
  • FirST Love hidden screen
    Hi everyone, Like in every oldschool demos, FirST Love is having a hidden screen. After almost a week of search, it has been found by some of you so it’s now time, to unveil how to find your way to it: Start the demo and wait until you reach the point where there’s the ‘Pong’
  • FirST Love spaceship’s challenge is OVER
    Hello guys, We would like to thank everyone who took part in our challenge. That was really fun and at least, it enabled to exchange with you all. We’ve got a winner which means that there will be a lot of people disappointed :(. We feel very sorry for them but you know how it
  • SV2020+1 detailed results
    Hi everyone, Grey/Mystic Bytes just released the detailed results for each compo. As this is the OVR site, we’re just copying the results in which we did compete. Atari ST/STe YM Chiptune compo 1 Akira vs San Goku vs Ip Man Jess France 7.518 2 BB4 (Blip Bait For the masses) Jess France 7.024 3
  • SV2020+1 OVR results
    YM Chiptune compo Jess takes 1st and 2nd places with Akira vs San Goku vs IP man and BB4 (Blip Bait for the masses) respectively. M0dmate takes 3rd place with Taolectikal. Incredible performance by Jess. Jeez, I’ve got to say that “Akira …” is totally my taste. Funny story about it is that I used
  • FirST Love at SV2020+1
    Breaking news!!! 28 years after our last demo, we’ve released a new production, named “FirST Love”, at Silly Venture 2020+1 Summer Edition in the category ST/STe demo. This demo was specifically designed to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Atari ST and for the 20th anniversary of Silly Venture. Comments have been really nice during