Yo ST freaks! We’ve released the ‘party version’ of ‘Little -ME- Demo’, our contribution to Silly Venture 2021, this Saturday in Gdansk/Poland. This is a tribute to Udo -ME- Fisher, a pioneer of the Atari ST demoscene, who passed away 5 years ago. Unfortunately, it was the only demo in the Atari ST demo compo. We received an excellent rating of 9.386/10 so we guess it pleased many though 😀

Per SV rules, we’ve got 2 weeks to release the final version of the demo. The changes will mostly concern some graphics that Mic had no time to finish as we've started to work very late on L-M-D.

I’m afraid you’ll have to watch the demo in the live stream’s replay till we release the 'final version':
Watch Live stream in YouTube

We also would like to thank The Exceptions aka TEX: ES, Daryl and Mad Max for their testimonies. They give some very interesting insights about -ME- (Udo Fisher). You'll have the opportunity to read them all when we'll release the 'final version'.

Finally, thanks to the SV team for organizing an event that unites the Atari demo scenes for so long. We’ve witnessed the tremendous amount of work organizing such a big event requires and the stress it generates for Grey/Mystic Bytes.

Greets to everyone we met at the party place.

Time to wrap this up.

We remember.

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    • Janek / OVR


      Hi Ray,
      Thank you for the good words. It’s highly appreciated from a historical scener. It reminds me so good souvenir from this moment I discovered the “Syntax Terror” demo.
      Grey informed us (RATI, Mr Bee and I) when we arrived in Gdansk that we will have a big surprise during the compo presentation with a production from an early days demomaker group. We were far from thinking it could be the famous « Delta Force ». That’s really great to see your production: the mythical « Union » logo cycling in the stars, the « Delta Force » logo swinging in Z-like axis, the smooth 3D semi-rotating scroll text swinging at the front with shadow and finally that old-school music that I personally like a lot. Congrats for this great release: you deserve your 1st place in the « wild » section.

    • Reply

      Hey thanks Ray. Happy you like this quickly made demo. What a nice surprise your demo for the wild compo was. Great job.
      @Janek, Grey/MSB spoke of a release by a ‘legendary’ crew actually. He was so damn right 😀

  1. Reply

    Thanks for the kind words guys! I am a bit embarrassed, as it’s really a quite lame production actually. I did not plan to release this at all, but then I was in fact inspired by your recent activities! (I was not the only one as it seems) 1st Love really is a kick ass production in every aspect and a supercool way to celebrate Atari! Thanks, and keep it up 8^)

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