This section does list some Overlanders productions which represent key milestones for OVR to grow in the Atari ST demoscene. You can find the full list of our productions either in or

OVeRclocked remix

Jess’s farewell music disk. This production was released at Sommarhack 2023 where it placed #6 at the combined Intro/Demo competition. It contains some of the best tunes plus some insght from Jess himself inside the scrolltext.

Release date: July 7th, 2023

Party: Sommarhack 2023

Rank: #6 (Combined Intro/Demo)

Pouet      Demozoo      YouTube


This is the very first official collaboration between Oxygene and Overlanders and it ranked #1 at Revision 2022. This 4K intro packs innovative rasterization routines and data to reproduce legendary scenes (State of the Art, EON, Mario) in only 4K and even includes a tune by Jess.

Code, design, idea: Leonard^Oxygene

Tune: Jess^Overlanders

Release date: Apr. 17th, 2022

Party: Revision 2022

Rank: #1 (Oldschool 4K Intro)

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Mini Tridi Demo

This is a tiny demo (512 bytes – header included) that was released at LoveByte demoparty that displays a real time 3D in rotation with Z axis translation and synchronized buzz sound. The demo was ranked 2nd a the 512 bytes oldschool compo.

Release date: Feb. 10th, 2022

Party: LoveByte 2022

Rank: #2 (512 bytes)

Little -ME- Demo

This is a tribute to Udo -ME- Fisher from The Exceptions (TEX), a pioneer of the Atari ST demoscene, who passed away 5 years ago. The reception of the demo was very good at the Silly Venture party place in Gdansk/Poland. 

Release date: Dec. 11th, 2021

Party: Silly Venture 2021

Rank: #1


FirST Love

FirST Love marks our comeback in the demoscene.It was released at Silly Venture 2020+1 Summer Edition and won the competition.

Release date: Aug. 20th, 2021

Party: Silly Venture 2020+1

Rank: #1

Meteoriks award: Laureate (winner)


Froggies Over The Fence

This demo was produced in 1993 as a farewell from the Atari ST demoscene by 3 crews, namely ST-Connexion, Legacy and Overlanders.

Release date: Sep. 1993

European Demos

This is the most massive demo produced by Overlanders. It occupies 2 floppies and contains a big amount of screens from demosceners of the early 90s.

This production does contain the very famous Mega-Tridi Demo (by Ziggy Stardust, M-Coder and Algernon) and Big Screen (by Dim).

Release date: Dec. 1990

Party: STNICCC 1990 (ST-News International Christmas Coding Convention)

Ultimate GFA Demo

This is certainly the most impressive demo written in pure GFA basic on the Atari ST. As many ASM coders were very suspicious on the matter, the authors have decided to publish the source of one of the effect in a magazine to convince everyone.

Release date: May 1990

Delirious Demo II

This demo is the very first from Overlanders that leverages a true track loader. It contains very good screens for the time (eg. Celestial Spiral screen by Ziggy Stardust).

It marks the rising of Overlanders in the Atari ST demoscene at an international level.

Release date: Apr. 1990