Many owns an HDD for their Atari ST nowadays and asked if it would be possible to make an HDD version of ‘FirST Love’. That’s something we did not accept to make initially because the demo was not made for that. Plus, we released the demo on a floppy disk on purpose: that’s how demos were spread back in the day. Following the Meteoriks award though and still receiving some requests, we’ve decided to work on it and see what we could do. And here it is finally. Notice that you can press ‘ESC’ at anytime during the demo to get back to the GEM.

It was released at GEMTOS party. We want to thank Emmanuel Huysman and the whole organization team for the event. It was really great. Very pleased to meet with everyone there: DMA-SC, Vincent Rivière, Ziskier, Eric Safart, Shaoth, Indus, Cicile, Choubi and everyone I forget (sorry).

Cheers everyone.


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