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YM Chiptune compo

Jess takes 1st and 2nd places with Akira vs San Goku vs IP man and BB4 (Blip Bait for the masses) respectively. M0dmate takes 3rd place with Taolectikal.

Incredible performance by Jess. Jeez, I’ve got to say that “Akira …” is totally my taste. Funny story about it is that I used to constantly listen to the original “Akira vs San Goku” when coding some 3D stuffs a while ago. While we were discussing about that yesterday with the team, Ben/OVR shared with us that it was also his favorite tune for coding. So you known what music to listen when coding your effects.

Atari ST/STe demo compo

FirST Love takes the 1st place with a terrific average score of 9/10. Thank you to all sceners who voted for us yesterday night. We love you all. We could not expect a better comeback in the scene than this one.

MPC in Dalarma from Dead Hackers Society and SMFX takes a well deserved 2nd place. Very nice effects, very polished design as usual by those 2 top demo crews. Congrats guys!

Finally, Love1985 by Pepe secures the 3rd place and proposes a nice time travel to the year of 1985 when the Atari ST was born.

The whole Overlanders team thanks the whole Silly Venture organization team. We really liked the way you were responsive to viewers requests during the live streaming and very keen to help all along the long weekend. Organization was top notch. Congrats!

We also were very touched by the choice of the floppy stickers on the birthday cake. Very nice attention.

Thanks a lot. We hope to meet with you all in real in a near future.

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