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Breaking news!!!

28 years after our last demo, we’ve released a new production, named “FirST Love”, at Silly Venture 2020+1 Summer Edition in the category ST/STe demo. This demo was specifically designed to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Atari ST and for the 20th anniversary of Silly Venture. Comments have been really nice during the live streaming. What the crowd doesn’t know yet ….. is that there are still one surprise or two that have to be discovered in “FirST Love”. Ah ah!!!

Congrats to all participants, all viewers and to SV organizers (@Michal and @Adam – Thanks a lot guys. You both rock). See you tomorrow for the results.

@Mic/Dune, special thank for the terrific work you’ve made on the overall design and the graphic arts. You’re a god. Well done mate!!!

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