FirST Love used to create a blast in the Atari ST demoscene when it was released at Silly Venture 2020+1 (August 19-22, 2021) in Gdansk/Poland. Some sceners even spoke of a milestone in the ST demo history. Of course, we are very proud of that. Who would not ? But we shall never forget that others have done it before us. For instance, SMFX with Motus (July 2019), and Oxygene with We Were@ (December 2015) are some of those demo crews who made the scene reach a new level. The demoscene is a never-ending story 🙂

The objective of this document is to help other demo makers to build the next milestone. The idea is not to unveil any technics on how to do this effect or this other one but, more important in our eyes, to share with you how we did proceed as a team, what we’ve put in place, what rules we’ve set to be successful in this project.

As there are typically 3 aspects to consider, we’ve articulated the document in 3 sections. Click on the links below to reach each one of them:

  1. Code
  2. Graphics & Design
  3. Music and Sound FX

Links will be updated as new sections are available.

If you miss something, just get in touch using the ‘contact’ form. We can append the document.