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Allright everybody! Today is the official date at which we’re relaunching a web site for Overlanders. Jess did create one a long ago. But, you know, it requires some time to update it. And unfortunately, lots of stuffs became more urgent and the web site was left aside.

This site marks a new fresh start. We’re not pretending to create a site that will be as active as dhs.nu but we’ll make our best to keep you posted on our actuality.

For the record, we made the decision to create it last week, hence the brand new domain name. We’re leveraging WordPress and a predefined theme which highly contributed to speed up the creation process.

The fun facts is that it is launched exactly at the same time the Silly Venture 2020+1 Summer Edition is happening in Gdansk/Poland. Head over there a real time stream.

You can eventually leave us a message in the guestbook or contact us using the contact form.

So welcome here visitor and enjoy!

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