About Me

I'm passionate by anything that relates to technology improvements under the condition it benefits to humanity. I'm terribly impressed by any kind of arts: muzik, graphix, demos...




Atari ST, PC, HP48, ATtiny microcontrollers, 3D printing (Elegoo Mars)


ASM 68k, ASM Saturn (HP48), Java, Python, C++

Main achievements

I used to create a lot of things by collaborating with RATI. Here are some of our main achievements:

  • 2021: Famous Atari ST demo "First Love" released at Silly Venture 20 Summer Edition
  • 2021: unreleased OS for Numworks calculator
  • 2004 to 2008: Adrenaline Gamer 2 based on Source Engine by Valve
  • 2002: Creation of a private family website to share our photos albums
  • 1993: Pacmania (also know as Pac3D) for HP 48SX. Since it has been ported to HP48G, HP49 and HP50 by passionate people
  • Late 80s/Early 90s: Multiple Atari ST demos for Delirious demo, European demo...
  • Miscellaneous: demo on PC in the very old days to understand x86 architecture, applications on Android to understand how it works...

Meet The Team

We do some amazing work together!