HRDB v0.004 out for testing

Tat/Avena has just released a new beta version of HRDB, its graphic debugger for the Hatari emulator. A must have in your dev toolchain. It introduces a Harware view to inspect register state. Note that the design is not final. But it represents a really great addition to an already very efficient and reliable debugger.

FirST Love’s making-of – Part 1

As promised, we’ve started to write the making-of of our latest production. It starts with the point of view from the coders. It will continue with Jess’s and Mic”s point of views as soon as they have written their parts. We hope you’ll find some interest in reading those lines. Cheers everyone.

FirST Love / Making-of / Coders point of view

Introduction The objective of this document is to share how we did proceed to create FirST Love from a coder’s point of view. This document is not a technical document. It doesn’t unveil any of the tricks/optimizations we’ve developed to make this effect or this other one. We just don’t want to fall into non